On these pages I intend to discuss various aspects of the paranormal.Ghosts, coincidences, spooky happenings, weird experiences and so on.

These are things that have fascinated me all my life.They make life interesting and often leave us with a shiver down the spine. What is a ghost? Is there an afterlife? What is the meaning of weird coincidences? I don’t know . I am not an expert on anything , just a man that would love to know the answers.

I love nothing more than being tucked up at home on a cold, wild night ,reading about ghosts while the wind moans in the eves and presses at the windows . The branches of that old tree scratching against the house and the gate creaking mournfully in the wind . What is that sound downstairs? Probably just the cat padding around or the house settling…I listen for the tell tale creak of the stairs and pull the covers around ever tighter. I put the book down and let the sound of the wind lull me into a restless sleep.


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