An unfortunate thing has happened regarding the paranormal as technology has progressed.In these wonderful times we live in of rapidly expanding technology,  it wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect some kind of empirical proof of ghosts or of  an afterlife to have  emerged by now. We now have instruments that can measure so many aspects of our environment in ways that were either impossible or unavailable to the layman just a few years ago.’Ghost hunters’ all have meters that measure temperatures ,sense radio frequency disturbances or magnetic fields which they believe can indicate the presence of a ghost. Most people, ghost hunter or not,  now have at least one camera about their  person everyday and billions of photographs and videos are taken each day.

Not only that ,we have a situation where most of the developed world is under constant surveillance  with street cameras. There have been reports of ‘ghosts’ appearing on street cameras but these have obviously been just bugs or an old plastic bag blowing in the wind, in my opinion that is.

I have seen the many photographs and videos that claim to show a ghost but always disappoint and usually show nothing more than somebody’s breath or some cigar smoke. The most annoying ones are those that show the dreaded ‘orbs’ ! Orbs have been proven beyond any doubt to be nothing more than dust,water droplets,insects  or digital artefacts. I am personally satisfied with that scientific explanation. I would be happy to be proven wrong though . I am always happy to change my mind if presented with FACTS.

Now, the problem is that with all this technology available to the layman and so easy to use that a child can do it ,anything can be faked ! We can never trust photographic or video evidence. I’m not saying that all such evidence is fake or that every person presenting it is a liar, just that it is possible.For me, that makes any such evidence worthless. I know that some people will find that hard to swallow but I for one would much rather face the truth . I suppose the only way a photograph is acceptable as proof is if you have taken it yourself of course and only then under certain circumstances.

It may sound to some that I will not accept anything as proof of ghosts and that my mind is fact ,it is the opposite . My mind is open to the possibility of al kinds of weird and wonderful’s just that I want PROOF.I want FACTS. I do not want to be one of those people that believe the drivel served up by some of the paranormal themed programmes on T.V. these days. Those programmes where a few guys run around a reportedly haunted location with the latest popular technology , meters that were never meant to be used to detect anything except stray radio frequencies by an engineer ! Or radios that scan around and around the dial picking up snatches of conversation from many stations. So called ‘ghost boxes’ . The user of the ghost box will spend long periods asking questions of a radio then listen for words that seem to be a reply to their question, disregarding the often huge amounts of words that do not fit with what they want to hear.A bit like a ‘psychic’ reading.

It is a shame that serious scientists just do not wish to investigate the paranormal because as long as that is the case we will never make progress. I’m sure that many of the things that  we see as paranormal today will one day be fully explained using the laws of physics. Equally, I’m sure that many things will remain a mystery.

In the wrong hands technology can be useless . I can’t see the point of running around a haunted location with some meters that were never meant to be used in such ways and then claiming that those meters have revealed the presence of a ghost. On the other hand it can be useful and interesting to record changes in temperature etc and see how it matches up to other events in a location. It doesn’t prove anything though. Perhaps it might in the future. I hope so.


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