It Happened To Me

What I am about to relate will sound like a badly scripted B movie but I swear on my children’s lives that it happened.I remember it very clearly.

I was Eight years old.I had woken in the night desperate for the loo.As most people do I lay there for some time trying to ignore the throbbing feeling in my bladder.It was too cold to get out of bed. Eventually I had to get up of course and padded along to the bathroom.The house was silent save a gentle snoring from my brother’s room.I was now wide awake.

I pushed open the bathroom door and there stood a man. A man that had a silvery glow about him . I was not afraid or shocked for some reason.I have often pondered over why I was not afraid  over the years.I looked up at the man and our eyes locked.He smiled gently and  spoke to me. ” Don’t be afraid” I shook my head . “Do you know who I am “? I said “No” “Touch me ” he said. I reached up and touch the mans stomach. It was icy cold and yet I felt nothing solid. The man smiled and said “Follow me” and he led me along to the landing window. He turned and said “Don’t worry son ,I won’t come again” With that he floated out of the window and vanished in mid air !

Yes, it sounds insane and I know it will give the skeptics a real laugh but I was awake and it happened . I have never forgotten it. I told my parents the next day and my mother was crying and shaking for hours.In fact for days afterwards she would break out crying and was afraid to go upstairs alone. I remember it so clearly. I discussed it with my parents many times in later years and my dad thought that the man had been his father.