Mystery Priest Comes Forward

An update on the story about the woman in Missouri that was trapped and dying in her car.She was slipping away and asked for somebody to pray out loud for her. A priest stepped forward ,at that time,seemingly from nowhere .He just seemed to appear.I won’t re-cap the whole story as I have written about here previously.Anyway, his presence seemed to be something of a mystery.Until now.

Father Patrick Dowling has revealed that he was the ‘mystery priest’ He just happened to be passing and so volunteered his services.

At least two people at the scene said that the priest had said something to the effect that the firefighters equipment would now work better and that the trapped lady would be saved. Father Dowling however stresses that he said no such thing ” I did not say anything like the machinery would begin to work or they would succeed in getting her out of the car.”

So, that part of this little mystery remains. Did TWO people mis-hear those words attributed to the priest? That seems unlikely to me . Perhaps somebody else said it.

What is certain though is that a calmness came over the trapped lady and she was freed after better equipment turned up.

I have to say was a FATHER DOWLING MYSTERY !Image