Psychic Sally?

I see that Psychic Sally won substantial damages from a newspaper that alleged she was using an ear piece to receive messages that she claimed were of a psychic nature.

I love D.J. grothe’s comment that she could have won lots more money if only she had agreed to take James Randi’s Million Dollar Challenge !

I do not believe that Sally is psychic or that any other person is .That is just my opinion.I may of course be wrong and am very willing to be proven so.I believe that so called psychics simply use cold and hot reading techniques along with research of their victim , I mean client .

It is amazing how people that go for a psychic reading quickly forget the endless ‘misses’ the ‘psychic’ makes during the reading and yet remember the odd ‘hit’ that pertains to their life.It is human nature I suppose. Personally , if death is the end and we are plunged into eternal sleep , I want to know the truth. likewise if there is another realm , I want to know. Life is so wonderful ! All we can do is keep asking questions


Life’s Mysteries

Most of us like a mystery.It makes life that bit more interesting. Lets face it, life can be dull at times.Those of us with a bit of depth know we shouldn’t feel that way because life is a wondrous gift and we should grasp each day with relish but reality sometimes dictates otherwise.That is why I think I have always enjoyed a mystery.

Don’t get me wrong,I am skeptical and far from being a ‘woo woo’ type as James Randi calls them. I just have a healthy interest in life .If ghosts exist, and I believe they do, then I want to know what they are.Whether it is something entirely normal within our laws of physics that we just don’t understand yet or if it is something spiritual beyond our understanding.Whatever it is ,I want to know.

At the same time , a part of me hopes that we never find out because then the mystery will be gone !

For as long as I can remember I have be utterly fascinated by tales of ghosts.As a teenager my dad would regale me with stories of ghosts that he had seen and weird experiences that  he had had.He seemed to be a magnet for such things.I well remember the winters nights we spent huddled around the fire, the cold wind pressing at the window and whistling around the eaves ,  a glass of dads home brew wine in hand  as he told and retold his stories.I can still feel the thrill that passed through me as he described seeing ghosts and doors that would open themselves ,the handle turned by invisible hands. He had a way of telling the tales that created and electric atmosphere. I would be enthralled and exited and wishing I could see such things and then at bedtime be too scared to go upstairs in the dark alone ! Tucked up in bed ,any bravado long gone, I would listen to the wind outside and to the noises of the house settling to sleep and I would shiver because I knew those tales were true .

Like many people I have had my own strange experiences that I simply have not been able to explain with conventional wisdom. What follows is my quest to find out what ghosts are and reports of weird and wonderful happenings in this wonderful thing we call ‘life’